Wasa is playing vital role in war against COVID-19. With the help of UNICEF, WASA placed 50 numbers improvised hand washing drums near hospitals around the city. This initiative is serving the need of frequent hand wash against spread of  corona virus.


In current emergency situation of COVID 19,  WASA medical cell has introduced online medical services. Wasa medical staff is taking medical request online (whatsapp 03019524062, 03377818777) and refer directly to concerned  hospitals/labs/pharmacies/dentists. This initiative aims to avoid direct contact between medical staff and patients and serve them effectively and efficiently.


Keeping in view the prevailing pandemic of COVID-19 and to facilitate the pensioners, Pension Form has been uploaded on WASA official website, enabling them to dispatch pension form without attending office.


In wake of current COVID-19 pandemic wasa has introduced its own hand sanitizers for employees. The very aim of this initiative is protection against corona virus. Wasa distributed this in house prepared hand sanitizers free of cost among its field employees. Moreover, hand sanitizers also provided to  other service providers.


In war against COVID-19, wasa is playing its due role by taking different initiatives. WASA's dedicated team introduced the use of Hypochlorous acid  (HOCl) as a human friendly disinfectant.  Wasa collaborated with Itehad Chemicals and joint effort results in the introduction of safest disinfectant HOCl. This is now widely using in disinfection tunnels/gates at different places around the city.


In war against COVID-19, frequent hand wash is being recommended. Keeping  in view, Public awareness campaign is launched by WASA for water conservation in this pandemic.


Another remarkable initiative taken by WASA, disinfection tunnels/gates have been installed in different offices. The safest disinfectant namely Hypo chlorous acid (HOCL) is being used in these disinfection tunnels which ultimately minimizes the threats of COVID-19.


Keeping in view the spread of COVID-19 from human contact, WASA Lahore introduced the online meeting culture (through online meeting apps) and has conducted several  official meetings successfully so far. This is high time to be cautious against COVID-19.


The present COVID-19 pandemic demands high protection. Keeping in view, wasa with the kind support of UNICEF took an initiative to ensure the protection of its frontline workmen who are working in field and exposed to high risks. Personal Protection Equipment (kits, masks and gloves) have been distributed to field staff for the sake of their protection and  in the best interest of public.


WASA is pleased to announce the launch of “MIST QUEEN”, another initiative for the welfare of people of Lahore. Two Mist Queens of WASA are working for disinfection of city roads alongwith Mist Queens of MCL.


Wasa has taken a step for disinfection of doors and surfaces in offices. Sodium hypo chlorite solution on 500ml bottles has prepared for use by WASA and other service providers.


WASA lahore with the the help of UNICEF has placed chlorinated water tankers with hand washing facility at 20 different points around the city. The citizens of lahore can wash hands at these points free of cost. According to stats around 115549 people have washed hands from this facility so far. This initiative is being taken to fight against corona virus.

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