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The different tariff categories are as follows:


All residential houses and flats, where water is used for only household requirements.


All establishments registered as commercial units with local authorities or dealing in consumer items for direct commercial sale like cafes, bakeries, milk shops, tea stalls, canteens, barber shops, laundries, places of entertainment like cinemas, clubs, theaters and offices, clinics, maternity homes, etc., fall under this category. in addition to these, any non-domestic activity may be billed as commercial if so decided by the Agency.


All consumers engaged in the processing of industrial raw material into value added finished products irrespective of the volume of water consumed, including service station, carpet washing addas, commercial/government/semi-government organizations & corporate bodies etc. but excluding such industries for which a separate rate has been prescribed, pay the industrial tariff.


Charitable tariff plan is available for mosques, churches, temples, madrassas, and other religious places.